Day 33

Day: Church hopping Today in the morning I went to a protestant church that was not exclusively Korean. I was invited to attend this church by a teacher at ICA (Instituto Coreano-Argentino), whom I had met while visiting. Her daughter belongs to those who were lucky enough to be educated abroad; she finished high school … Continue reading

Day 23

Day 23: banking issues and la inauguracion de arteba 2010 I had to pay a $200 deposit for my room in San Telmo– but the owners had not told me this before, so we agreed that I pay it in $100 instalations each month. I wanted to pay in USD so that when I left, I … Continue reading

Day 12

Day 12: At the temple by mistake So I had only wanted to stop by at the buddhist temple to tell the sunim (“buddhist monk” in Korean) that I had found opera tickets at the Teatro Colón that were relatively inexpensive– they were standing tickets. : ) It was a Sunday morning, and I had … Continue reading

Day 1

Arrived in BsAs at around 10:30am on a 14 hour flight. Am exhausted but glad to be here. I walked around the neighborhood to look for groceries; the weather was lovely. Am super nervous and excited to start my project… tomorrow. : )