Day 17

I went to my photography class in the morning. It’s definitely informative and useful. There’s this 분식점 (bun-shik-jum, kind of like a fast-food restaurant/bistro) in Koreatown that sells delicious 떡꼬치 (dduk-ggo-chi, rice cake dipped in a spicy-sweet pepper paste), along with ramen, fried chicken, kimbab (rice + algae rolls), etc. I went there to eat … Continue reading

Day 5

Today, I went to one of the largest Korean churches in BsAs, Chungang Church, which apparently has over 1,000 members (but can’t say for sure). It has two services: the first at 10am and the second at 12pm. Then there is the young adult bible study at 4:30pm and the young adult service at 6pm. … Continue reading

Day 3

Original plan: -visit La Associación Coreana en la Argentina for information, advice and contacts. -visit Koreatown in Bajo Flores, then maybe Avellaneda and Once. As I started researching how to get to Koreatown in Bajo Flores, however, I noticed that there were a lot of warnings about how dangerous the area had become. So I … Continue reading