Day 40

Day 40: another disoriented day I slept over at the store owner’s house and woke up early to go home– to pack for Chile! :) I came back and had lunch at the temple and listened to the elders discuss health insurance, the characteristics of Koreans from various provinces, cooking, cancer, etc. I was very tired from … Continue reading

Day 39

Day 39: Avenida Avellaneda took a colectivo to Avenida Avellaneda to find out more about the garment trade. I visited a store of an acquaintance and spent my whole day with her and her friend. It was a very bustling Saturday and business was apparently better than normal. The acquaintance (the store owner’s daugther) had … Continue reading

Day 35

Day 35: Exploring Avellaneda Today I went to Avenida Avellaneda with the sunim with the goal of taking pictures. went to aie-gyung-shee’s house: the bride whose wedding dinner I recently attended. I think she moved into her husband’s appartment. went to banchan house: The store makes Korean banchan (side-dishes to be eaten with rice) as … Continue reading

Day 31

Day 31: went to my photography class today. Today was photoshop day; I’m learning a lot! : ) But I realized that I’m not really getting my money’s worth because the class always starts at least 10 minutes late and there are a lot of holidays in the month of July; so I will be … Continue reading

Day 14

Day 14: Korean Education at the ICA I arrived at 10am sharp to meet the vice principal of the Instituto Coreano Argentino, the only Korean school in Buenos Aires, and as far as I know, in Argentina. I had never heard of a Korean school— I mean, a real school. Classes are Monday through Friday, … Continue reading

Day 10

Day 10: A quiet day at the temple I went to the temple again and took photos of a store where we usually eat lunch. It’s called 아나바다, or Feria Americana. The name in Korean is shortened from “아껴쓰고 나눠쓰고 바꾸어쓰고 다시쓰쟈” (a rough translation: “let’s reduce, let’s share, let’s trade, let’s reuse”). It’s basically … Continue reading

Day 9

Day 9: A trip to Avenida Avellaneda I figured I would just show up again to the Buddhist temple because I didn’t really know who else to go to. The priest didn’t seem to mind that I came so often, so I figured why not. She asked me what I had in mind for the … Continue reading