Day 32

Day 32: cleaning day I slept over last night at the temple again because I stayed late to attend the wedding dinner. I woke up early to take a walk with the sunim and the owner of Feria Americana, and although the owner canceled on us last minute, we still went out. It was a … Continue reading

Day 22

Day 22: The Diario Central used one of my photos! But they didn’t write my name underneath the photo because I guess it’s customary in Korean newspapers to not accredit the photo to someone. :( Oh well… There are differences in work ethic and mind set between the newspaper and me. They are rather old … Continue reading

Day 10

Day 10: A quiet day at the temple I went to the temple again and took photos of a store where we usually eat lunch. It’s called 아나바다, or Feria Americana. The name in Korean is shortened from “아껴쓰고 나눠쓰고 바꾸어쓰고 다시쓰쟈” (a rough translation: “let’s reduce, let’s share, let’s trade, let’s reuse”). It’s basically … Continue reading