Day 41-44

Day 41: flying to Santiago and then taking the bus to Vina del Mar Day 42: spending day in Valparaíso Day 43: spending day in Santiago Day 44: returning home to catch a concert at the Teatro Colon

Day 36-38

Day 36: went to Bodhi restaurant and then Calle Florida. Then went to film showing at the Centro Cultural Coreano near the Korean embassy. met Munguau afterwards for dinner. Day 37: went around 109. went home to blog and edit photos. Day 38: met a girl who’s making a documentary about the Korean community (and … Continue reading

Day 35 pt.4

Day 35 pt.4 revisited Apolo, a store selling imported miscellaneous items from Korea. The owner is the same person who’s house I visited in Ezeiza. We went to go give them the photos I took last time in the campo. :) went to Korean travel agency to ask for more info about our upcoming trip … Continue reading

Day 20

Day 20: An extended national holiday In Argentina, the National Flag Day (June 20th) is a movable holiday that falls on a Monday so that you always end up with a three-day weekend. So this year it was moved to June 21st to fall on a Monday. This meant no photography class. I followed the … Continue reading

Day 12

Day 12: At the temple by mistake So I had only wanted to stop by at the buddhist temple to tell the sunim (“buddhist monk” in Korean) that I had found opera tickets at the Teatro Colón that were relatively inexpensive– they were standing tickets. : ) It was a Sunday morning, and I had … Continue reading

Day 4

I guess it kind of sucks being in a foreign country by yourself, because there is nobody there to share your experiences with. : ( Today I went to the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Recoleta, and then went to the Feria Artesanal in the Plaza Francia, right across from the museum. The museum … Continue reading