Melona in Buenos Aires

So, a post on la Nación (an Argentine newspaper) reminded me of a conversation my friends had in a bar in Rosario. It was about:

Melona– melon flavored popsicles from Korea

A kiosco selling Korean ice cream

They were discussing how one of their acquaintances imported these ice bars from Korea while being able to sell them at a low price. I don’t exactly remember what the retail price was– somewhere around 2-3 pesos, the equivalent of 50-75 US cents. Or maybe it was cheaper? I’ll have to ask my friends how much it actually cost. What drove the conversation, however, was the mystery of how the guy was able to import these bars via containers all the way from Korea, and then transport them to be sold to retailers. That would mean that the wholesale price would be 30-50 cents each. So my friends were wondering how the guy was able to finance the whole operation when each melona bar didn’t seem to sell for much.

My weak conjecture was that perhaps the Melona bars were expired…? so that’s why the guy was probably able to get such a good import price for the bars? I don’t know, but I’ve noticed that first world countries send their unwanted goods (e.g. trash, second-hand goods, expired medicine, expired food) to third world nations to be sold.

My friends thought that the guy most likely had connections with the company or something– which sounds probable. The thing is that Melona bars have gotten pretty popular in BsAs. Of course, I saw them in groceries in areas largely populated by Koreans, but my friends tell me that you can also find them outside of the Korean neighborhoods– and a lot non-Koreans know of it.

Anyways, here’s the little blurp on Melona bars in la Nación:

Sin dudas se trata del producto del verano. El mejor helado frutal del mundo ya llegó a Buenos Aires. Importado en barco desde Corea, el Melona se consigue a tres pesos en algunos autoservicios de Korea Town (Bajo Flores) y del polo textil de la calle Avellaneda (otro pedazo de Seúl en Buenos Aires).

The comments on the post are pretty funny– if you too are interested in knowing who the importers of Melona are for Argentina, here they are, according to the posts:

“Hay 2 importadores de los Melona. Uno es (Firma: Lee Kwon Chan) y el otro es (Firma: NeoGeo SRL). Segun el local cambia la firma.”

It’s interesting to see how Korean goods are entering the Argentine domestic market. I mean, it makes absolute sense, with globalization and all– Korean cellphones are ubiquitous, and you can usually see Korean automobiles on the freeway in the US.

For example, I saw a lot of air conditioners from LG and Samsung while in Argentina:

Air conditioners of the ICA (Instituto Coreano-Argentino)

Rooftop of the Kyo Rye Sa

Rooftop of a building on Avenida Avellaneda

the air conditioners on this apartment complex are probably all Samsung or LG

Although these pictures were taken in neighborhoods with large Korean populations, I saw a lot of other Samsung/LG air conditioners throughout the city of BsAs, and even in Rosario.

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