Day 53 pt.2

Day 53 pt.2:


We went to a norebang (Korean for “karaoke”) after the forum. I hadn’t been to a norebang in 15-17 years– not since I went with my parents and grandparents in Korea. I knew that there are plenty of norebangs in the LA area, but I never went to one because it never interested me. I never thought I’d be going to a norebang in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Life’s full of surprises. Anyways, I had previously gone to a different norebang with some friends a few weeks before in the area near Avenida Avellaneda, but I had not brought my camera along to take pictures.

So when they suggested going to a norebang that night after the forum, I thought it would be a good photo opp– even though I rather dislike being in that environment. I didn’t really have a good time, but at least I got some photos. :)

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