Day 45

Day 45: Administrative day

I will be studying abroad this coming year at Sciences Po in Paris, so I had to register for my fall courses this morning at 10am. Unfortunately, it conflicted with my photography class this morning (10am-12pm), so I figured I would at least show up late to class. However, my housemate is using the bathroom right now so I can’t even get ready to go to class late. So I’ve given up in trying to make it late to class. Oh well…

Chile was great! I even visited the Korean community in Santiago, which is apparently around 2,000. Very different vibe. Safer, cleaner, calmer. No bars, cameras, or locks.

We visited Barrio Patronato, which is like the equivalent of Once in BsAs, with lots of cultural diversity.

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Teatro Colon was also fantastic– great acoustics. We were up in the gallery and could still hear the concert very well. :)

Today’s schedule: blogging, emailing, updating, photo editing, writing

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