Day 39

Day 39: Avenida Avellaneda

took a colectivo to Avenida Avellaneda to find out more about the garment trade. I visited a store of an acquaintance and spent my whole day with her and her friend. It was a very bustling Saturday and business was apparently better than normal. The acquaintance (the store owner’s daugther) had me stand near the front of the store for a while to keep an eye out for theives. It was really awkward.

While we were there, one of the store’s big clients came in. He was a 50-something very greasy and kitschy looking old man– his shoulder-length grey hair was slicked back and was wearing a grey-black suit. He came in and put on an air. Later, The store owner’s daughter (in her 20s) recounted to us that: he told the owner’s daughter to touch the breast of his suit– and she did– only to find that it was filled with money. He told her that he brought 100 hundred peso notes (everyone always deals in cash, so it’s pretty unsettling to know that everyone carries around large amounts of money!) to spend it all at the store. Extremely creepy– stuff you only see on tv or something.

The store that day made about USD $5000– a lucky day– but no wonder why Korean university students prefer to work in their parents’ clothing stores instead of pursuing a professional career (because they initially aren’t well paid?). Apparently there are a lot of store owners of the second generation who have studied to be doctors, lawyers, etc. but have decided to work in their parent’s stores. A sad (I think) phenomenon.

The stores in Avenida Avellaneda close at 2pm on Saturday– so afterwards we went and had lunch (ramen) at the store owner’s house. Then we went to 109 to catch the last few minutes of a local neighborhood soccer match. I guess the two girls usually go to the neighborhood games (?)– so I figured I would follow along to take pictures.

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I intended on going to a FIECAC-CEU meeting at 5pm near the villa miserias in Bajo Flores, but nobody was there so I left. I was a bit annoyed about this because if I didn’t take the taxi there, it would have been pretty dangerous for me to wait outside the building– and god knows when they would’ve opened the door for the meeting to begin.

Afterwards, I spent time with the two girls. We went to a one of their friend’s house for dinner– and it was interesting to listen to their perspectives on the Korean community here. Will explicate later…

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