Day 35

Day 35: Exploring Avellaneda

Today I went to Avenida Avellaneda with the sunim with the goal of taking pictures.

went to aie-gyung-shee’s house: the bride whose wedding dinner I recently attended. I think she moved into her husband’s appartment.

went to banchan house: The store makes Korean banchan (side-dishes to be eaten with rice) as well as other snack-like items, such as kimbap, bu-chin-gae (a fried lentil pancake), and others. It was more like an empty building used to make food rather than a store, because they sell the items to Korean supermarkets that then resell them to customers. They start early every day so that the food can be shipped out to the supermarkets before lunch time– I think around 11am.

There, I ate the most delicious kimbap (rice along with other ingredients wrapped in dried laver seaweed) I have ever eaten in my life. We had arrived after the deadline time, so the owner used left-overs to wrap us (as well as her son) a few rolls. It was soooooo good. :) She used seasame seed leaves and tuna (I’ve never eaten tuna in kimbap before), along with other ingredients. Afterwards, she made bu-chin-gae, which is also one of my favorite Korean dishes.

The building was really crazy; they had a sesame seed oil extractor (so they made their own sesame seed oil)– which is pretty old school. Outside in the patio-area, they had huge plastic as well as ceramic barrels, some plants being sun-dried on a clothes-line, and mounds of cabbage and turnip waiting to be fermented into kimchi– I felt like I was in rural Korea.

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went to hair stylist’s house/dentist

went to restaurant

went to person’s house on 8th floor

went to Custom

went to Carrefour

went home to blog

will upload photos and explicate shortly…

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