Day 27

Day 27: another quiet day blogging, editing, reading

I took photos at the Korean restaurant, SINKO, during the Korea v. Nigeria match for the Diario Central. I was supposed to go in the morning to show them my pictures, but I have my photography class in the morning so I was going to go right afterwards. The reporter I shadow called me in the middle of class– so I went out and called him again. He told me he didn’t need the photos and that I didn’t need to come to the office today. He always says that it’ll be too tiring for me to follow him as a pretext when he doesn’t want me to come. He didn’t seem to like me following him places– so I told him quite frankly that I didn’t want to shadow him anymore. And that was the end of that news “internship,” call it what you will. I figure there will be other opportunities besides this one.

Afterwards, I tried to read up more on korean immigration. I’m trying to take a sociological perspective…

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