Day 22

Day 22:

The Diario Central used one of my photos! But they didn’t write my name underneath the photo because I guess it’s customary in Korean newspapers to not accredit the photo to someone. :( Oh well…

There are differences in work ethic and mind set between the newspaper and me. They are rather old fashioned, and I find that they are sexist. The reporter belittles me because I am a young woman and because I can’t speak Korean fluently. It’s frustrating.

Anyways, today was the 55th birthday of the owner of Feria Americana, the store where I frequently get a free lunch. :) I bought some fracturas (pastries) and a tarta de ricotta (which I can’t eat but chose because I figured everyone else would like it since it’s not too sweet and covered in cream…).

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We ate some sort of seafood and vegetable stew and later used the remainders to make fried rice. It was muy rico. :) At the celebration was the owner’s daughter-in-law, and everyone at the table got talking about the tradition of having a strict mother-in-law in Korean culture. I always hear about this and you see it in Korean dramas, but I can’t ever imagine having to deal with it. Talk about culture clash. I don’t think I could ever handle it, and I don’t want to take part in it. This is one thing I hope to skip out on as a second-generation Korean-American– phasing out old customs/traditions that no longer apply to the youth.

After lunch, I went over to help Proyecto Munguau with their booth in the Feria de Arte Contemporaneo, ArteBA 2010. The inauguration is tomorrow, so I said I would come and help set up. And maybe get a story for the Diario Central in the while. :)

It was my first time at an art fair, and let me say that it was impressive. I don’t know– it was just everything that I thought an art fair would be: sophisticatedly dressed artists, extremely wealthy art patrons walking around, pretension in the air, the press preparing to interview, and lots of interesting art. definitely an experience.

I said I would go tomorrow to help before the official inauguration time…

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