Day 31

Day 31: went to my photography class today. Today was photoshop day; I’m learning a lot! : ) But I realized that I’m not really getting my money’s worth because the class always starts at least 10 minutes late and there are a lot of holidays in the month of July; so I will be … Continue reading

Day 30

helped clean temple blogged, edited photos. met ICA teacher’s daughter who is studying in USA. went to a cafe and talked together. figured out how to make slideshows on my blog. :) changed format of my blog. my brother might come and visit me!

Day 29

Day 29: a morning walk and a dark day in the temple I slept over last night at the temple because I stayed late to have dinner after the jaejah. I woke up to accompany the sunim and the owner of Feria Americana on a morning walk at 6:30am. It was still dark in the … Continue reading

Day 28

helped prepare jaejah first time with jaejah slept over at temple

Day 27

Day 27: another quiet day blogging, editing, reading I took photos at the Korean restaurant, SINKO, during the Korea v. Nigeria match for the Diario Central. I was supposed to go in the morning to show them my pictures, but I have my photography class in the morning so I was going to go right … Continue reading

Day 26

waited for person’s invitation to go to a new church with them. She didn’t answer my phone call, so I went to Korean photo club mtg instead. It was a rainy day so I decided not to go to church.

Day 25

went to SINKO, a Korean restaurant on Rivadavia to take pictures for Korea v. Uruguay match for the Diario Central. met FIECAC Comission de estudiantes universitarios coreanos en el hotel la Perla dinner with Munguau in Puerto Madero hung out with Munguau

Day 24

photography class and frustration with the diario central. the reporter refused to use my materials to report about the Munguau booth at arteba2010. His reasoning: it was uninteresting to the Korean community and that they wouldn’t want to read about what the youth were doing. This just shows that a generational clash exists between the … Continue reading

Day 23

Day 23: banking issues and la inauguracion de arteba 2010 I had to pay a $200 deposit for my room in San Telmo– but the owners had not told me this before, so we agreed that I pay it in $100 instalations each month. I wanted to pay in USD so that when I left, I … Continue reading

Day 22

Day 22: The Diario Central used one of my photos! But they didn’t write my name underneath the photo because I guess it’s customary in Korean newspapers to not accredit the photo to someone. :( Oh well… There are differences in work ethic and mind set between the newspaper and me. They are rather old … Continue reading