Day 21

Day 21: ICA soccer for Diario Central

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So the Korean community organized the viewing of the world cup match in two spots: the ICA (Instituto Coreano-Argentino) and SINKO, a Korean restaurant on Avenida Rivadavia. The reporter at the Diario Central told me to choose a spot to cover (ie. take photos); I said that I would go to the ICA because I know where it’s located and it’s much easier to reach via public transport.

I was super ready this time– I remembered to bring my flash, and I recharged both of my batteries the night before. Was super excited because was hoping that the newspaper would use one of my photos. I’m not even that excited for the matches themselves– just the photo opp. Unfortunately, I’ve just been so preocupied with this project that I haven’t even been able to watch a single match properly. I normally am really into watching the World Cup– not because I care that some team wins– it’s just entertaining to watch. :) Maybe at the next World Cup I won’t have something so engrossing to accomplish so I can watch it without stress.

So I arrived one hour before the match was to begin, because it’s necessary to take before and after pictures; pictures of people arriving and pictures of people getting ready/preparing for the event. I hadn’t really taken pictures with the flash before, so this was to be an experiment. I really hate taking photos with flash, but these ones didn’t turn out that bad, luckily. :)

Everyone was ready for the match to begin; it slowly turned and passed 3pm (the time of the appointed match), but the screen did not tune into the match. It turned out that there was something wrong with the satelite/server, and since the Argentina v. Greece match was at the same time as the Korea v. Nigeria match, all of the channels except one aired the Korea v. Nigeria match– and for some reason, that channel wouldn’t register on the screen at that time (apparently it had worked before…?). So everyone who had come (more than 500 persons) left to go watch the match somewhere else. It was a quilombo (a mess)– figuratively and literally, because everyone had left trash behind. I stayed until everyone left and then followed one of the organizers to see if there were any places in 109 (baek-gu) to watch the match. We tried to go to Shilla, a Korean restaurant a few blocks down, but it was closed. In the end, I followed the organizer to the office of a Korean sports association/club and watched the game there. I came about 15-20 minutes before the half-time. There, the other organizers of the failed event had gathered to watch the match. Obviously they were sorry about and felt responsible for the failed event. They hoped that a Korean victory would rectify their mistake…

A Korean victory was not assured (the match ended with a 2-2 draw), but Korea did indeed advance because Argentina won against Greece.

The next match will be against Uruguay…

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