Day 17

I went to my photography class in the morning. It’s definitely informative and useful.

There’s this 분식점 (bun-shik-jum, kind of like a fast-food restaurant/bistro) in Koreatown that sells delicious 떡꼬치 (dduk-ggo-chi, rice cake dipped in a spicy-sweet pepper paste), along with ramen, fried chicken, kimbab (rice + algae rolls), etc. I went there to eat some 떡꼬치 as well as ramen. The place is kind of like a stand/restaurant; you can order from outside through a window, or you can sit and eat inside, although it’s pretty small and cramped. While I was eating, some non-Koreans came in and ordered some food too. Apparently, Bolivians love ramen, and there are a lot of non-Koreans who come to the restaurant/stand to eat. I think this hybridization of cultures is really interesting. In California, we have a large Mexican/Latino population, and there is definitely an intersection of Latino and Korean cultures because they tend to work in similar areas. For example, when I was little, I would visit my friend’s parent’s store, which was located in a flea market kind of area where there was a large Hispanic population. At the flea market you would see stores selling Korean products along with Mexican ones, and it was interesting to see an exchange of cultures.

I then followed the reporter to la Associación Coreana en la Argentina (my third time there!); he was to write about a new Korean wrestling arena that was being made there. It wasn’t really that interesting. We just waited around for the arena to be made so that they could take a picture.

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