Day 6

Korean Embassy in BsAs

Today, I went to the Korean Embassy in Buenos Aires to see if I could find out more information about Korean immigrants in Argentina. Unfortunately, their resource library was closed, so they referred me to another library containing information at the Centro de Estudios Corea-Argentina, which is a part of the Universidad de BsAs (la UBA). I called the center, but no one picked up, so I kind of gave up for the day because I felt pretty dejected with my project. : (

Nonetheless, I went over to the consular office to ask if there were any Korean organizations, and they gave me the contact info of an org that helps recently arrived Korean immigrants. I called them but the conversation was cut short when my calling credit on my cell phone ran out. It was rather annoying, and I had to walk around for a bit looking for a kiosco (kind of like a small AM-PM/kiosk) that sold tarjetas de crédito (I’m not sure if that’s the correct expression).

I also had recently ran out of moneda (coins) for the colectivo (the bus), so I had to buy something at the kiosco to get some moneda— because nobody will exchange cash for it. Moneda is like gold– because colectivos will only take moneda and no cash– so if you want to use this public transit system, you NEED moneda. So people are wary in their monetary transactions and would rather pay you back in cash without any change.

Anyways, while I was at the consular office, I also asked if there were any Buddhist temples that I could visit as well. I thought it would only be fair of me to visit a temple, since I visited a church. They directed me to 대한불교 조계종 고려사 (I think a rough translation of this would be: “Korean Buddhist ~something~ Koryasa”– but I’ll have to ask my parents for a better translation). I called them up, and the Buddhist priest who answered said that she was busy today but would be free tomorrow. So I’m going to visit the temple tomorrow. It’s on the infamous Carabobo Street in Bajo Flores– the very place that people tell me I shouldn’t be going to alone. Oh well– let’s see what happens. Plus, the temple is extremely close to the Subté stop, so I figure there shouldn’t be a problem. : )

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