Day 2

street scene in San Telmo

Alright. I left the house promptly at 9am to go visit some news organizations/newspapers to inquire if there were any shadowing opportunities or internships available. It turns out that they don’t even start coming into the office until 2pm, so a receptionist  told me to come in around 3pm. So I left at 2:30pm to visit a few, and the resounding answer was a ‘no.’ This was expected, however, because I didn’t really think that I could come to another country and receive an internship position right on the spot– considering that it is difficult to find one at home in the US.

Unfortunately, I have a 350-hour work contract to fufill with my college (according to my summer stipend), and I had been hoping to have 120 hours dedicated to some internship work at a news agency… this means that I will have to creatively fulfill that void with some other work, be it more interviewing, researching, blogging, editing, or photographing…!

In the mean, I looked for some courses in photography, and I signed up for an introductory digital photography course at Foto Club Buenos Aires. It cost 550 pesos and meets twice a week for two hours each class.

You upload credit onto your cellphone with calling cards.

I also was able to get my cell phone (which I bought last summer) to work– it turns out that the SIM card is still valid, and I just needed to buy some calling credit.

So, tomorrow I will be visiting the Korean barrios of Balvanera (Once in particular), Flores and Parque Chacabuco. I am thinking of visiting la Associación Coreana en la Argentina to see if they can refer me to other contacts. Hopefully tomorrow I will be more successful than today.

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