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Kimchi and Asado

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Melona in Buenos Aires

So, a post on la Nación (an Argentine newspaper) reminded me of a conversation my friends had in a bar in Rosario. It was about: Melona– melon flavored popsicles from Korea They were discussing how one of their acquaintances imported these ice bars from Korea while being able to sell them at a low price. … Continue reading

Back to “mi-guk”

Some reflections: -National identities are often strongly tied to physical characteristics, especially for countries with homogeneous populations -there is a social/cultural code for each society, and if you look like you belong, you are expected to follow the code/norms. an interesting discovery: I found myself speaking in Spanish with a lot of the Korean youth … Continue reading

Day 53 pt.1

Day 53 pt.1 Foro de Profesionales (FIECAC-CEU)

Day 53 pt.2

Day 53 pt.2: Norebang We went to a norebang (Korean for “karaoke”) after the forum. I hadn’t been to a norebang in 15-17 years– not since I went with my parents and grandparents in Korea. I knew that there are plenty of norebangs in the LA area, but I never went to one because it … Continue reading

Day 51

“mi-guk” went to Quilmes

Day 49-50

Day 49-50: a muddle and an explanation So I have been in a muddle lately of how to portray the Korean community in Buenos Aires. That is, what conclusions do I have, from two months of meeting people and seeing new things? And what of my experiences? I would, of course, like it if my … Continue reading

Day 45

Day 45: Administrative day I will be studying abroad this coming year at Sciences Po in Paris, so I had to register for my fall courses this morning at 10am. Unfortunately, it conflicted with my photography class this morning (10am-12pm), so I figured I would at least show up late to class. However, my housemate … Continue reading

Day 41-44

Day 41: flying to Santiago and then taking the bus to Vina del Mar Day 42: spending day in Valparaíso Day 43: spending day in Santiago Day 44: returning home to catch a concert at the Teatro Colon

Day 40

Day 40: another disoriented day I slept over at the store owner’s house and woke up early to go home– to pack for Chile! :) I came back and had lunch at the temple and listened to the elders discuss health insurance, the characteristics of Koreans from various provinces, cooking, cancer, etc. I was very tired from … Continue reading